The Small Business Centre, established in 2002, is an on-going economic development partnership between the Province of Ontario, the City of Woodstock and Oxford County and proudly serves our diverse, creative and talented community of entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout Woodstock and Oxford County. We’re committed to being the hub for small businesses and are eager to help you plan and take the next steps towards achieving your personal success. We offer free guidance, resources, local connections, business coaching and accountability, business plan review, cash flow projection assistance, mentoring, professional service referrals, workshops, and networking events to help you explore, connect and succeed in business.

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Ramona Gallagher



519-539-2382 x2600

Ramona is a serial entrepreneur who has owned a number of her own successful businesses and who has coached and mentored over 5,000 entrepreneurs in starting or growing their own businesses.  She considers herself a connector - connecting people with resources and supports to take their business from concept to reality. Ramona holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University and has worked in a variety of industries and businesses in Canada and abroad. She is a published author and speaker and is considered a subject matter expert in working with clients with disabilities and those with limited resources.


Shawn McNamara

Small Business Consultant


519-539-2382 x2602

Shawn is a lifelong Oxford County resident with a strong business ownership and communications background. As the former owner of a long-standing Insurance Brokerage in Woodstock, Shawn is able to provide practical insights into business risk, day-to-operations, staffing and marketing and sales strategies to clients interested in business start-up or growth. Shawn is a strong business coach and mentor who excels at working with clients one-on-one or when facilitating workshops that look to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary skills they need to run a successful business. He believes in building entrepreneurial networks, sharing our collective business knowledge and in finding ways for our clients to work together in Woodstock, Oxford County and beyond. 

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Brenda Tait

Business Advisor


519-539-2382 x2601

Brenda’s passion is seeing people achieve greatness. With a background of over 30 years working in sales and customer service and holding the position of Sales Coordinator for a national company, supporting sales reps  from Newfoundland to British Columbia,  Brenda has honed her skills as a communicator.  As a Wordsmith and small business owner herself, she understands the challenges and triumphs that small businesses face.  She is an expert at getting people motivated and believing in themselves. Brenda works both one-on-one with clients as well as in workshops to help them with social media and marketing.  She is a public speaker and active member of the community, hosting a variety of events.  Brenda’s philosophy is let’s work and rise together!  



As entrepreneurs - we've been there, we've done it, we've done it well and we've made some big mistakes and we want to share all of this with those that are starting out or looking to grow their business. Our coaching and mentoring is based on the concept of "If we knew then, what we know now..." what would we do or not do in starting or growing a business. We truly believe that when you love what you do - you really never work a day in your life - and it shows.


We provide our clients with practical day-to-day advice that they can understand, assess and use in their own businesses. We know how to run and manage successful businesses and know how to work with clients to write business plans, identify milestones and set targets that they can achieve in whatever industry they chose to set-up shop. We know the "business-end" of their business and can teach them how to know it too. 


Our business planning and implementation processes are based on each client's individual needs, skills and abilities.  All clients are encouraged to participate and share in a way that is meaningful to them, whether in classroom discussion, one-on-one  meetings, peer support or through self-directed assignments and work. Accommodations and modifications are made to meet the individualized needs of each participant throughout this process.