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Entrepreneurship involves seeking and trying new ways to develop and grow successful businesses. It  involves focusing on innovating, assessing risks/rewards of a new venture, searching for opportunities, and seeking new information.  It's about knowing yourself and your own skills and aptitudes.


Want to learn more about self-employment and available programs and services? This is an opportunity for you to assess your own suitability and readiness for self-employment, and the potential viability of your business concept.  Book a free Consultation with one of our professionals and let us get you on the road to self-employment.


Running a small business often requires that you become a jack-of-all-trades.  We view business coaching and mentoring as a partnership between ourselves and our clients. 


We work with our clients through one-on-one meetings and telephone and email contact to support and encourage them to help them remove roadblocks so that they can build and grow their business. At each one-on-one meeting, clients are encouraged to pick interim goals and assignments to complete within the month, which we believe provides clients with insight, motivation and action towards their goals. 


We believe that the greatest strength any start-up entrepreneur can have is the support of its network.  When you are just starting out, it is important to surround yourself with plenty of support and encouragement – and to make contacts that can help you grow your business. Fellow small business owners are a great place to start – you can bounce ideas off each other, share strategies and learn from your collective successes and failures. 


The Small Business Centre will be hosting quarterly networking meeting for all of its clients - each event will have a theme and each client will share information and resources and provide support to others in the group based on the theme.

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